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Buy the comics

As you may know, a lot of the greatest Harry Osborn comic stories aren’t actually around to legally buy anymore. Plenty are, though! Here’s a list of best comic collections I’ve found available for sale so far. First, let’s look at stories from the prime Marvel Universe, number 616…

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 4 – Collects Amazing Spider-Man #31-40. Amazing Spider-Man #31, of course, is Harry’s first ever appearance! We get to know him (and his father) throughout the next few issues.

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 5 – This one collects Amazing Spider-Man #41-43, ASM #44-46, ASM #47, ASM #48-49 and ASM #50, plus Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3!

Spider-Man Through the Decades – Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #4, #50, #122, #195, #243, #290, #363 and #415; and Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #2, #40 and #546. And a couple of these stories feature Harry! ASM #50 is the famous “Spider-Man No More” story, and #122 is the even more famous The Death of Gwen Stacy.

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 6 – Collects Amazing Spider-Man #51-52, ASM #53-56, ASM #57-58, ASM #59-60, ASM #61, as well as Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4. Lots and lots of Harry there!

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 7 – Another Goblin-centric collection! This one has Spectacular Spider-Man #1-2, ASM #62-67 and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5.

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 8 – This one collects Amazing Spider-Man #68-71, ASM #72-73, ASM #74-77 and Marvel Super-Heroes #14

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 9 – Collects Amazing Spider-Man #74-82 and Amazing Spider-Man #83-87. Lots of Harry, MJ, Flash and Gwen!

Spider-Man: Death of Gwen Stacy – And speaking of poor Gwen… Here’s the full story of her death at the hands of Norman Osborn! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #96-98 – you’ll know this one as the controversial story where Harry almost dies from a drug overdose – and #121-122.

Spider-Man: A New Goblin – Collects Amazing Spider-Man #176 – #180, the arc where a new Green Goblin is terrorizing the New York underworld. Spoiler alert! It’s not Harry. But, very much against his will, he’s involved.

Spider-Man: Son of the Goblin – The Harry book! Collects Amazing Spider-Man #136 – #137 (the two-parter where Harry becomes Green Goblin II for the first time), Amazing Spider-Man #312 (the story where Harry fights the Hobgoblin as a heroic Goblin), Spectacular Spider-Man #189 (the story where Harry kidnaps his own family) and Spectacular Spider-Man #200 (the story of Harry’s death)

After a Harry Osborn story from a different Marvel universe? There’s lots to choose from, but I have you covered:

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1: Power & Responsibility – Book 1 of the Ultimate Spider-Man comics universe! (Not to be confused with the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon universe.) This collects Ultimate Spider-Man #1-7, which introduce an all-new Harry and Green Goblin.

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 4: Legacy – Collects Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #22-27, stories in which Harry features prominently!

Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 13: Hobgoblin – Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #72-78, stories in which absolutely horrible things happen to Harry, alas.

Edge of Spider-Geddon (2018) #4 – A universe we’ve never seen before and probably never will again, and one of my favourite Harry stories ever!

Spider-Man: Life Story – Considered one of the best stand-alone Spider-Man stories and for good reason.

Buy the movies and TV shows

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of having physical copies of digital media.

Spider-Man Trilogy Blu-Ray Box Set – Contains Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and a whole host of extras! I have this myself and I’m so glad I bought it, it’s everything blu-rays are supposed to (used to) be.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 Blu-Ray Box Set – The franchise that brought you Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn!

The Spectacular Spider-Man Complete Series DVD – Relive the series before it was unceremoniously canceled in the prime of its life. (As with all DVDs, make sure they’re specific to your region.)

Ultimate Spider-Man Collection DVD – This is NOT the complete collection, but you do get a nice selection of episodes, including the ones where Harry becomes Venom.

Buy the games

I haven’t played a huge amount of Spider-Man games featuring Harry, so these are just the ones I have played!

Spider-Man 2 Game – I played this as a kid and it was so much fun.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe – This is, I believe, the ONLY Spider-Man game where Harry is a playable character!

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Also known as Spider-Man PS4. This is a great game for Harry fans, even though he’s technically barely in it!

Buy the merchandise

Green Goblin Funko Pop – Well of course there would be a Funko Pop on here, nothing on earth is unPopped these days. Is this Goblin Norman or Harry under the mask? Let’s all say it’s Harry.

Green Goblin Lego Minifig – And the same goes for this one! Awww, look how cute it is.