Amazing Spider-Man #68-71 (1968-1969)

Happy new year everyone! Appropriately, we enter a new year here too. Let’s look at Harry in Amazing Spider-Man #68, #70, and #71!

1968 saw Peter have a big confrontation with Norman Osborn in the pages of Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine, and this is very much on his mind as we shift sideways into Amazing Spider-Man.

In #68 Harry doesn’t actually appear, but Peter thinks about him. In his mind Harry is a “broad-minded joe” which we can take to mean, liberal.

He’s also very aware that learning Norman is the Green Goblin would devastate Harry, but we’re not at that point yet… It’ll be soon though, and it’ll be devastating for all the characters.

Peter likewise struggles with his secret identity in #70:

(Guess they don’t share a room after all!)

Peter mentions that Harry is out on a date with MJ, a relationship we last saw in Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine. Guess Norman’s terrible dinner party didn’t dissuade MJ from going out with Harry.

In #71, (the first ASM of 1969) that thing Peter keeps worrying about almost happens, with Harry walking in just as Peter is done spidermanning.

Clearly, Harry’s having a good time with MJ.

Don’t ya just love the way they refer to each other?

Harry sings the praises of Gwen, who is of course still one of his best friends, and heads for bed. Peter angsts about his secret identity nearly being discovered again. (Wouldn’t it have taken mere seconds to get the spider-socks off? Come on, Peter?)


We can assume from previous interactions, however, that Harry probably isn’t too fussed about that rent.

Join us next installment where we’ll look at what I’ve dubbed “The Mustache Saga

Want to read these stories? They’re collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 8.

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