Amazing Spider-Man #90-94: The Death of George Stacy (1970)

We’re now onto one of the best-remembered Spider-Man Deaths (capital D) Gwen’s dad Captain George Stacy. It doesn’t directly affect Harry much, this one, but it has repercussions for all Peter’s inner circle. It all starts in ASM#90… Peter rather touchingly looks in on Harry before he goes on the hunt for Doc Ock. “Why… Read More Amazing Spider-Man #90-94: The Death of George Stacy (1970)

Harry Osborn’s fabulously colour-coded costumes

[Originally posted on my tumblr blog, raimispiderman, in November 2020] So one of the Spider-Man Trilogy Facts that pops up a lot on movie trivia sites is, badly paraphrased, “did you know in the thanksgiving scene, Norman and Peter are wearing the other’s trademark colors but Harry is wearing all three to represent he’s caught… Read More Harry Osborn’s fabulously colour-coded costumes