Harry Osborn’s fabulously colour-coded costumes

[Originally posted on my tumblr blog, raimispiderman, in November 2020]

So one of the Spider-Man Trilogy Facts that pops up a lot on movie trivia sites is, badly paraphrased, “did you know in the thanksgiving scene, Norman and Peter are wearing the other’s trademark colors but Harry is wearing all three to represent he’s caught between both of them.”

Well I did know! But there’s more! Harry’s outfits in the movie serve as a really good way of revealing his character and what side he’s on at what point. I have absolutely no experience of costume design whatsoever, as will become painfully obvious soon, but lemme explain-

Harry Outfit #1

So the first time we meet Harry he’s wearing… blue red and green of course. Both Peter’s colours and Norman’s. But notably Harry’s main color at the moment is red and Peter’s is blue. Like a yin-and-yang type thing.

And Norman is wearing the same colour as Peter, more or less, just to kick home that he sees Peter as a son/heir more than he does Harry.

(Okay, get ready, we’ve got 3 movies to get through here and this is going to get really long.)

Harry Outfit #2

So the next day, when Harry finds his dad on the floor and is worried, he’s wearing green-blue-red again but this time with much more green. Harry’s current alliance: Norman.

Harry Outfit #3

However when Harry arrives at school he’s wearing something blue (and not dissimilar to what Peter was wearing back in #1 either) Harry’s current alliance: Peter.

Harry Outfit #4

Now everyone’s wearing green, except Norman. Harry’s current alliance: Norman. But you’ll notice that Peter and Norman’s colours/outfits are more aligned than Norman and Harry’s. Almost the same blue tie and everything.

Harry Outfit #5

Harry just wants his father’s approval!! so here he is wearing all green. Harry’s current alliance: Norman.

Harry Outfit #6

Harry just wants his father’s approval!! some more, so now he’s starting to dress like Norman. Still blue, though.

Harry Outfit #7

We’re back at the Thanksgiving scene, you know this one.

Harry Outfit #8

So this movie takes the traditional, if rather dull, route that light outfits = good guys and dark outfits = bad guys. When Harry sees Peter and MJ together he’s suddenly in all black. Except I think the turtleneck is actually very very dark green? All well. Harry’s current alliance: Norman.

Harry Outfit #9 (possibly)

This scene is so dark I can’t tell if it’s the same outfit as #8? Maybe it is? Well, either way it’s now the Dark Black of Bad/Morally Dubious Guys.

Harry Outfit #10

As is Harry’s funeral outfit, naturally.

And now we’re moving on to Spider-Man 2!

Harry Outfit #11

Harry’s all in black still, a sharp contrast to all the nice light pastel-y colours in the Parker home.

Harry Outfit #12

Now Harry’s in… blueish purple? Which kinda confuses me a bit. He is however, finally all matchy-matchy with Peter’s main colours again. Harry’s current alliance: Peter!

Harry Outfit #13

Harry’s still dressing like his dad, but now the light blue is back. Harry’s current alliance: still Peter! Hooray!

Harry Outfit #14

This is… uh I think this is another blue one? All matching with Peter again, despite everything that goes on in this scene. (Bonus round that of course what Harry’s drinking is bright green.)

Harry Outfit #15

Now Harry is in pink, which is just a watered down version of red. Harry’s current alliance: Peter, as evidenced by his concern for Peter’s safety in this scene. Also shout out to Harry for wearing pink in an era where I remember from being there, people would be dicks about it

Harry Outfit #16

Ah now things are getting interesting! Harry’s all geared up to kill Spider-Man but he’s still in Peter’s colour, he can’t shake his allegiance to him no matter what he does.

Annnnd also… Harry is dressed exactly like Norman in this scene, that blue shirt is the same one (or very similar) that Norman was wearing when talking to his Goblin persona back in the first movie.

Which is a lovely if incredibly obscure bit of visual foreshadowing!


When we go back to Harry again, his Norman-style shirt has fallen open to reveal the Good Guy colour of white inside! Hey remember how during Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker’s black outfit fell open to reveal a whiteish grey bit, all SYMBOLIC? Well this is like that.

Harry Outfit #17

You know this one, the green bow tie represents his turn to the dark side. (There’s Star Wars again, sorry.) That being said, still lots of white here..

Onto the last movie!

Harry Outfit #18

Harry’s in black, just like at his father’s funeral. Harry’s current alliance: REVENGENCE

Harry Outfit #19

I do not LOVE the New Goblin outfit, does anyone? I suppose the original Norman one was so unpopular no-one considered bringing it back. But here it is in all its, ur, glory, the two Bad Guy Colours of green and black.

Harry Outfit #20

Okay this is just a hospital gown, we can skip this one.

Harry Outfit #21

AHA! Now that Harry has AMNESIA! he’s back to wearing almost what he was when we first met him. It is, of course, Norman’s colour over Peter’s colour. And Peter’s in blue (sorry for the rubbish screencap) so they’re back to being yin-and-yang again.

Harry Outfit #22

We’re back in blue still! A stylish boi. Harry’s current alliance: Peter (for now)

Harry Outfit #23

still blue! Harry’s current alliance: Peter, for the next few minutes at least

Harry Outfit #24

back in black (though still with blue underneath, interesting) Harry’s current alliance: really hilariously piss-poor vengeance

Harry Outfit #25

Now that Harry’s emulating his father he’s back in his shirt! See!

But! (much later edit here) after the battle with Peter, it ends up bloodied and battered. Harry can’t emulate Norman no matter how hard he tries.

Harry Outfit #26

Is that another black one? Well let’s say it is. Okay this whole thing sort of falls apart here because Harry is in green and black from here on. Ah well. Still when he dies everything is orange which is a nice heroic colour I guess?

And that concludes our fun with colours!

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