Does Harry Osborn get a mention in No Way Home?

We knew already that the chances of seeing Harry in the flesh in No Way Home were incredibly slim, what with the sexual abuse allegations against James Franco (2002-2007 Harry) and the fact that Dane Dehaan (2014 Harry) has indicated he doesn’t want to return to the franchise. But does the character get a mention, considering his best friend and his father play PRETTY BIG roles in this movie? Spoiler alert, he does!


The first mention of Harry is pretty brief. After Norman smashes the Goblin mask and turns up at Aunt May’s homeless shelter, he says that he’s been looking around this new New York and can’t find any trace of himself, his company or his son. (He mentions his son last, which is so very Norman.) This indicates that neither a Norman or a Harry Osborn exist in the MCU, although this could of course be retconned further down the line.

This is your last spoiler warning!

The second mention of Harry is more substantial, though his name isn’t said. When all three Spider-Men are together with MJ and Ned, Ned slides up to Tobey-Spider-Man and asks him if he had a best friend. This Peter answers, “I did. He died in my arms after trying to kill me. It was heartbreaking.” This freaks Ned out a little and later, when he discovers he has magic powers thanks to Doctor Strange’s ring, he tells Tom-Peter, “Don’t worry, I won’t turn into a supervillain and try and kill you.” (Er… about that, Ned…) At that you see Andrew-Peter wince a little, which could of course be a reference to Dane Dehaan’s version of Harry, although none of them know their respective best friends were the same person in different universes.

And that’s that! Two small mentions, but fantastic fanfiction fodder.

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