Is Harry Osborn in No Way Home?

The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped yesterday and everyone is gleefully dissecting it. No sign of Tobey-Spidey or Andrew-Spidey yet but lots of hints that they’ll be in there somewhere. And this, who’s this?

Nope, it’s not Harry, sorry! Lots of people have said it is but I’m positive it’s Willem Dafoe as Norman. You can’t see him properly but I think he’s wearing the outfit seen in some leaked concept art:

So nope, no Harry in No Way Home, I’ll eat my hat if either James Franco or Dane Dehaan show up. (Especially James Franco, for obvious reasons.) It would be really hard to get Harry into this movie I think, especially with the complete mess The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made of his character.

But! It wouldn’t surprise me if he got a mention, since Norman will be there and most likely Tobey-Spidey will be too. I saw a post recently suggesting, maybe during the final battle Andrew-Spidey will save MJ, since he couldn’t save Gwen, and Tobey-Spidey will save Ned, since he couldn’t save Harry. I’d love that.

(A chat about the wildly different versions of Harry Tobey-Spidey and Andrew-Spidey know would be quite nice too, but that might be asking too much.)

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