Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 (1968)

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 follows on from Amazing Spider-Man #66, but how we got to this point is a little confusing!

Last time we saw Norman, Harry was searching the city for him while he lurked in one of his supervillain lairs. Norman’s memory of being the Green Goblin had clearly returned, but here it returns, uh, some more.

We never get a scene of Harry and Norman reuniting after #66, but here Norman has returned home and is attending a seminar on super-villains hosted by Gwen’s dad. Rich people, eh?

Contrary to what was established in #66, Norman doesn’t seem to remember he was the Green Goblin.

As Peter goes through some flashbacks about his previous encounters with Norman, the man himself finally freaks out and runs away.

Norman is rushed to a doctor.

Harry and Peter worry for different reasons, while George (quite rightly) insults Jonah in the background.

“Close”… Er, not really.

Peter gets lost in flashback-land once more and makes a little continuity error.

Peter and Harry definitely weren’t best friends back at that point! Maybe this is just how Peter remembers it, though.

Don’t worry, Peter. May’s pretty much immortal by this point.

Norman regains his memory (again) and flees the hospital room, knocking over Harry as he does.

After finding an old lair and an old costume, Norman dramatically swears revenge.

Peter is consumed with worry, and he’s right to be!

When Peter and Gwen go to see Harry, he tells them the bad news.

But Norman’s plan isn’t as straightforward as you might expect! This is a comic after all.

Gwen misreads Peter’s concern, but she’s still a pretty smart kid. “Osborn” gets misspelled in these panels, as it frequently does.

Peter, bless him, is full of angst over the idea of potentially hurting Harry’s dad.

Peter eventually decides to go out and look for Norman, but can’t find him. Hey, is it pantomime season yet? HE’S BEHIND YOU!

Norman flies back home and meets Harry, who’s been sitting there worrying all this time.

And there ya go, he’s straight back to hating his son!

The next day, Norman puts his plan into action…

A DINNER PARTY! Told you, rich people, eh.

Peter goes to pick Gwen up for this party, and is super conflicted about doing so.

How can he, indeed? Well, with the benefit of hindsight….Not the best way of going about things.

Peter is consumed with fear but Gwen’s just excited to see her besties.

MJ’s still rocking that hairdo she got back in ASM#64. And Harry’s wearing the same fabulous purple suit he wore when watching over Norman the previous day.

This is very reminiscent of the Spider-Man movie thanksgiving scene, isn’t it? Just switch Gwen out for May. (and update the clothes.)

As the party moves to the living room, Peter tries to lure Norman away. Harry’s dancing with MJ in the background, guess they quite quickly made up after her mean “barrel of laughs” comment to him…

Peter makes a smoke bomb and throws in into the nearest fireplace without anyone seeing, thus causing smoke to fill the building.

Norman is furious, of course, he knows he’s been had.

Harry gets the girls out, but realizes both Peter and Norman have gone.

They’re having a big ol’ fight, of course! But no matter what, Peter refuses to kill his enemy.

Eventually Norman throws a “psychedelic pumpkin bomb” at Spidey and it has some interesting effects.

Peter goes on a hallucinatory trip (why isn’t MJ included in this panel?) but that gives him an idea.

After more smacking down, where Peter pulls his punches for Harry’s sake…

…Peter hits Norman with one of his own psychedelic weapons.

As Norman trips out, Peter convinces him that both Spider-Man and Goblin are “the most horrible things in the world.”

(Is that a bit of Peter’s ever-present guilt talking there? Probably.)

Peter’s plan worked! Norman is cured of his goblin-ness and he’s forgotten who Peter is again. Ah, if only that really was the end of it.

One change of clothes later and Peter is able to drop Norman back at the hospital.

Harry is mad that Peter whisked Norman to hospital without telling him, as is understandable, but he soon calms down.

And that little question mark is correct, it’s not remotely the end! Harry gets a bit of a break for the next couple years real-time, but after that

Want to buy this story? It’s collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 7.

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