Amazing Spider-Man #62-66 (1968)

Where we left off, Norman was slowly regaining his memories of being the Green Goblin! And that forms the basis of this new little arc for Harry. Of course, it’ll evolve into something much bigger later on…

Harry pops up briefly in #62. While Spider-Man fights Medusa and angsts about his breakup with Gwen, Norman’s memories are returning-

-and this is SUPER bad news.

Norman has a rare moment of parental concern for Harry while the boy himself tries to study, but can’t. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Harry envious of Peter’s smarts.

On to number #63!

Harry tries to get Gwen and Peter to make up, with limited results.

Very limited results.

Later Harry reads out a letter from Flash. He’s heading for Vietnam. (I thought he was already there?) This spurs Peter into asking Harry, is it really alright that he’s not paying rent?

But Harry, being a super generous person, is totally cool with it.

Peter wishes he could share his secret identity with Harry, but figures he can’t. Ah, if only he had, it might have saved so much torment further down the line.

Norman comes crashing in,

and things aren’t looking good. Harry, worried but with no idea of the true severity of the situation, decides to stay with him at his house for a bit.

An issue later in #64, Gwen (who’s about to make up with Peter) believes Harry is still with Norman –

-but one issue later in #65 Norman isn’t ill, but missing! I feel like I missed something here. Harry is searching the streets for him.

He also encounters Jameson, who fills us the audience in on what happened: Norman went for a check-up and then vanished. Fair enough. Harry unsurprisingly brushes Jameson off.

On exiting Harry meets yet another familiar face: MJ! She’s gotten herself a new haircut and is looking to party. Harry is very, very much not in the mood.

C’mon, Harry! The pieces are obvious by this point!

I love MJ to bits, but her finest moment this was not.

The hunt continues in #66.

The devil, you say? Never mind. Harry is giving up hope he’ll ever see his father alive again.

Harry and Peter visit the factory, and Norman’s not there – EXCEPT HE IS! He’s dressed in his supervillain outfit and is back to insulting Harry with every second breath.

Harry drives off, still looking. We’ll catch up with him and Norman in Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 (albeit with a few continuity errors along the way.)

Want to buy these stories? They’re collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 7.

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