Amazing Spider-Man #61 (1968)

What a tangled web we weave!

The story so far: Peter was being menaced by the Kingpin’s goons, George Stacy was brainwashed by the aforementioned Kingpin, Gwen was distraught, and MJ had a job working at a club that was secretly a front for the Kingpin’s operations. Here, let Harry fill ya in.

Harry drives MJ to the club to get her money, but everyone’s cleared out.

But wait! What’s this! Here’s Norman, and his memory of his alter-ego is starting to stir.

I am SO CURIOUS about this “human interest documentary”! Who comissioned it? Where did they get the footage? Why does the Goblin currently qualify as a “legend” in a town, nay a world, packed full of supervillains? I want answers.

Now here we get a look into Harry’s thoughts:

Not very positive, are they? Positive about himself, I mean. For all that Harry projects a confident exterior, in his head it’s all self-deprecation and comparing himself to Peter.

You’ll also note Harry refers to Norman as “sir” which kinda says a lot about what kind of father he is.

A quick recap for any newcomers.

Yes indeed… how complicated. Sure would suck if THAT ever happened!

Want to buy this story? It’s collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 6.

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