Queen Goblin

The official Spider-Man twitter unexpectedly dropped a new (lady) Goblin yesterday:

The whole twitter announcement thread is here, but it doesn’t give many clues to her identity:

(Also, it’s interesting that Harry isn’t included in that list.) So I’m wondering – who is she? My top picks:

  1. Liz Allan. Honestly, the comics have been dying to make Liz a villain for ages it feels. Perhaps the Kindred nonsense sent her over the edge, as it nearly did me to be quite honest, and with Harry dead she’s out for revenge against whoever she feels is most responsible, which would almost certainly be Peter or Norman or both.
  2. Lily Hollister. Black Cat is on one of the covers with this new Queen Goblin and Lily showed up this year – after an absence of about half a decade – in a Black Cat comic. Queen Goblin has Menace’s same colour scheme as well, and Lily already goes by the name “Queen” as Queen Cat.
  3. Emily Lyman-Osborn. The least likely choice because no-one remembers she exists, but there ya go. If Harry is the Goblin Prince that logically makes her the Queen after all. And I really want to know more about her, why she abandoned her child to an abusive monster, why she never came back for him.

Of course, it’s entirely possible this character will be someone entirely new with no connection to either the Osborns or even Peter (since Ben is Spider-Man now for the next few months at least) but you never know I suppose.

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