Amazing Spider-Man #48-49 (1967)

Hello everyone! First post on the new blog! So today we’re running through issues #48 and #49, where Harry doesn’t actually do much but all his interactions are very endearing.

In #48:

Well THIS hits differently at this precise point in time, what with the pandemic!

The emergence of Gwen’s classic look! Harry unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally?) makes a faux pas.

MJ’s so entertaining in these panels, every second statement from her is something you can barely imagine a real person saying.

On to #49:

The lucky stiff.

Ah, imagine how drastically things might have changed from here if the light had in fact been on.

Awww, Harry checks in on Peter now and then. That’s sweet.

I’m digging Harry’s all-green (of course it would be) outfit here.

Here we get a quick sense of the relationship between Jameson and Harry, which I believe we haven’t seen since back in issue 47 where it was established they knew each other! Spider-Man’s New York is a very small city.

Oh “pussycat” is just the WORST term of endearment for a woman ever, I’m sorry.

It’s nice to see how in tune (pun not intended) MJ and Gwen are! People always think they were enemies around this point but they were really more like friendly rivals.

“No sacrifice is too great for heroic Harry!” also hits a bit differently now, but for comic book reasons rather than real life ones. Harry’s final sacrifice and death is a loooong way away but eventually we’ll get there.

(…and then he’ll come back to life again. And then, if the current comics go the way I suspect, die again.)

Want to buy these stories? They’re collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 5.

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