Amazing Spider-Man #53-56 (1967-1968)

Things between Harry and Peter become strained in these issues! Uh… well, we ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to that. Starting with #53, Harry is starting to get very pissed off with his roomate’s constant absences-

Gwen reminds Peter she’s a science major, but alas she’s also currently stuck being the football between Peter and Flash as they pointlessly snipe at each other. Calm down, boys. Harry makes passive-aggressive comments from the side.

After an encounter with Doc Ock, Peter and Gwen catch up with the gang at the Coffee Bean. Harry has his best brooding face on.

Is Harry jealous of Peter and Gwen? Or just wildly craving attention from both of them?

Back to Doc Ock, who will play a large part in this series of stories! Now onto next issue, #54

(I would totally read “The Amazing Aunt-Woman.)

While Doc Ock messes with Aunt May, Harry angsts about his friend ignoring him. Bit much considering they haven’t actually known each other all that long, right? Harry has gotten very attached to Peter it seems. Makes a lot of sense, considering his father neglected/abusesd him throughout his childhood. That sort of thing makes you hungry for affection.

Interesting that Harry defaults to “You’re afraid I’ll steal something” when he’s by far the richer of the two at this point and wouldn’t need to steal. Unless of course the concept of their different economic statuses are playing on his mind, and surely it must have done sometimes.

Ah, poor Peter. He cares so much.

One issue later in #55 and we get this:

For those of you you haven’t figured out Harry’s hair (I haven’t either) I guess those little wisps there indicate he is, in fact, meant to have curls?

In #56 Harry is calmer and trying to help Aunt May, who is worried about where Peter is.

Harry and Peter both tend to assume the other one is jealous, have you noticed?

Poor Aunt May. Well, don’t forget to come back for next issue where she’s in hospital and Harry feels super guilty!

Want to buy these stories? They’re collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 6.

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