Amazing Spider-Man #57-58 (1968)

Where were we? In the last couple of issues Harry had fallen out with Peter, but then he suddenly ups and disappears. Now, in issue #57, Harry’s starting to worry and feel guilty.

Thankfully, Harry doesn’t pry so much he discovers Peter’s increasingly obvious secret identity. But he does quickly draw a conclusion:

Harry reports this to the police, but we know where Peter is – he has amnesia!

Yep, the Spider-Man writers always loved their amnesia. Peter doesn’t even recognize Gwen.

Like Gwen, Harry is worried. In #58 we see him and Gwen are with Aunt May in hospital. She’s so worried about her nephew being kidnapped by Spider-Man it did a number on her nerves.

Aww, Harry hasn’t changed clothes since hearing the news. Either that or he just really likes that one green suit.

They get steadily more worried as time goes on.

When Peter finally regains his memory he heads home, but Harry isn’t there. He’s still with May and Gwen.

And he clearly stays there through the night, too. Awww.

Want to buy these stories? They’re collected in Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 6.

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