New Harry just dropped!

At ComicCon today it was announced that Harry Osborn is among the characters who will appear in Spider-Man: Freshman Year! Oh and guess what, it’s not a prequel after all as it turns out, it’s more of an AU.

There’s some pics floating about of Norman-

-but none that are confirmed to be of Harry. My money is on him being the guy on the right in this image, though. I mean, he’s wearing green.


2 thoughts on “New Harry just dropped!

  1. Oh! I don’t know exactly what to think about this show. Personally I have nothing if they wanna to race swapped canon characters ( something I’ve already used in american entertainment *sighs*) but I wish the Osborns, specially Harry have a good portrayal.

    Some people think maybe Harry could be the big boy next to Pete, but that doesn’t make much sense with the complexion of him. Regartheless, I don’t know if I’m looking him(?) wrong, but I thought the character in green clothes was a gal xD


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