2023 will hopefully be a good year for Harry fans!

I hope you all had a good 2022! I know a lot of Spidey fans have not enjoyed this year in Spider-Man and I also have not, but I think I may enjoy 2023 a little more considering we’re getting a fair amount of (hopefully) good Harry content! Let’s see what’s coming up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the first game, which gave us an excellent version of Harry! There hasn’t been a huge amount of marketing for Spider-Man 2 yet, it’s not out until Fall 2023, but when the game does eventually drop we will probably get to see Harry as Venom! Or at the very least we’ll get to see what the poor lad has been doing in that green tube all this time!

Now I just have to actually buy a PS5.

Red Goblin

A solo series starring none other than Normie Osborn, Harry’s son! He’s taking up the mantle of Red Goblin, a title last held by his still-evil-just-sinless grandfather. No promises Harry(‘s ghost) will appear in it much, but I think he’ll be in there somewhere.

Looking a lil demonic there, Normie. You used to be such a cute kid!

Gold Goblin

Wow Goblins come in all colours these days, don’t they? The saga of Norman being Not Evil But Also Totally Evil continues into 2023. The aforementioned Ghost of Harry will probably continue to play a role in it.

Spider-Man: Freshman Year trailer

We know Harry is in this, but we don’t know in what capacity. We don’t even know which one of the kids in this image is Harry, assuming one of them is, even! But we do know the series should come out in 2024 (hopefully, god only knows what’s going on with Disney’s animation department these days) which means a trailer should probably drop sometime this year.

Of course, who knows what else 2023 might bring us?

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