Casting Harry Osborn

This question seems to get asked a LOT on superhero twitter: If Harry does eventually come to the MCU (or heck, even a Sony property), who should play him? So I decided to finally share my picks. No, none of them are Timothee Chalamet, sorry!

Mike Faist

He’s absolutely BANG-ON for Harry physically, wouldn’t you say? Aside from that, he totally blew me away with his performance in West Side Story. Oh and he’s about to be in a movie with Zendaya aka MCU MJ if that swings you.

Henry Golding

Maybe it’s because he’s now well-versed in playing Crazy Rich people, but I can def see Golding as the more suave version of Harry that pops up from time to time in adaptions. Oh and he’s a dad! Always a bonus!

Elliot Page

Elliot Page has been working in the superhero genre for a loooong time now, and you’ll note his Umbrella Academy character is someone with Osborn-level daddy issues. And also, it just feels right?

Dane Dehaan but with a better script

He deserves a second chance okay?

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