Osborn-related spoilers from upcoming comics

I think everyone knew Norman would be back sooner rather than later in Amazing Spider-Man, the actual question was, is he gonna be good Norman or evil Norman? Well, yesterday the plot synopsis for ASM#7 and #8 (meant to come out in July) dropped and, ur, I’m not sure? Maybe Peter will be doing these things in an attempt to solve precisely that question.

(You’ve noticed Norman’s little Goblin cufflink there, I’m sure.)

This is not good news per se for Harry fans, as he isn’t mentioned in the solicits (either dead or miraculously alive!) but not bad news either, since we might finally get a little more clarification on all that clone-Mephisto-hell rubbish. Right? Right….?

So there’s that, but there’s actually a comic coming out sooner that also features the remaining Osborns! Or one of them at least. In Spider-Man/Venom #1, out on Free Comic Book Day, finally we get to see Normie deal with his dad’s death! Well… maybe?

As you can see it’s already leaked, and in amongst the symbiote shenanigans (and the reminder that Liz is now off being evil in the Venom comics) Dylan says, “I kept waiting for [my dad] to come back when I should have been reaching for him. You understand that, don’t you?” Of course he does at this point, so surely Harry’s death can’t not be dealt with at least a little bit here.

As a side note I wonder if anyone will even remember Normie is supposed to be Peter Parker’s godson.

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