The Gwen Stacy mini is coming back!

The Gwen Stacy comic starring Harry was thought MIA in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, but it’s actually coming back with a new name!

But what of Gwen Stacy by Christos Gage and Todd Nauck which had #1 and #2 published in 2020 and then – nothing? Amazon has listed for a collection of #1-#5 for January 2023. but then it disappeared. But now? it’s back and renamed Gwen Stacy: Who’s That Girl?. And Bleeding Cool has confirmed that a) it’s real and b) we should see the previously unpublished issues solicited soon.

So before too long, we should finally get more Gwen-and-Harry goodness, and this:

2 thoughts on “The Gwen Stacy mini is coming back!

  1. That’s great! The original 616 Gwen seems to be kind of more forgotten after the Spider-Gwen came out, it’s nice to see her back. And that’s a really cute scene, although I personally don’t think Harry would jump into a girl’s arms because he used to tried hard to hide his cowardice. Before the Gwen Stacy mini, as far as I remember, the only issue which provided a rare glimpse of the high school life and relationship of Gwen and Harry expect ASM#31 were the Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8. In which Harry and Gewn went to see a film, and they ran into Peter and some of his classmates on their way. (BTW the #16 of that comic titled “Who’s That Girl?”, but it’s refers to MJ.) Anyway, it’s wonderful to see Harry gets more comic appearances and his high school life with Gwen. Really looking forward for it.

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