Normie gets his own series!

As part of the upcoming “Dark Web”, we get to meet Harry’s oldest son as Red Goblin. You’ve seen a little preview of this before, well, here’s the main event!

Looking much older than a teenager there, Normie. How old are you meant to be again?

Thirteen…? Ten…?

You’ll remember that “Red Goblin” was an identity last held by Norman in some of his most evil of evil days, except now he’s a superhero (apparently) called Gold Goblin. Ya get all that? He’ll be involved in the Dark Web event as well.

I hate, hate, hate Norman as a superhero, I feel like it’s a complete betrayal of the point of his story, but whatya gonna do. We’ll see how it all plays out. How Harry’s ghost will factor into all this (assuming he’s remembered at all) remains to be seen.

3 thoughts on “Normie gets his own series!

  1. The time in Spiderman is so weird, not so much I see Normi as 4 or 5 years old, and there I think he looks like 8 xP At any rate, I’d like if Marvel publish a book called “Goblins” we could get such interesting stories with the Osborn(that includes Harry ofc) Liz, Mark, Hobgoblin and others

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