Captain America #137-138 (1971)

Man, I haven’t done a re-read post since September! Sorry about that.

As it turns out, it’s actually time for a crossover! During February-March 1970 Harry popped up in the pages of Captain America, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Gene Colan. It’s hard to work out exactly where these appearances fit in with Harry Continuity but I think “after the death of George Stacy but before the drug addiction arc” seems to be right.

This comic is generally listed under the title “Captain America” but at the time we’re talking about it seems to have been going under the title “Captain America and the Falcon.” Falcon plays a big role in this story, which is good news for me because I’m rather fond of him.

Sam and Steve emerge from a fight with the Mole Man. “We can no longer despoil the planet we live on – sooner or later we’ll all have to pay the price!” Jeez, nothing changes there, does it. :/

Our heroes have a tense conversation about love (namely, Cap’s love for Sharon Carter) that reads amusingly differently in the modern day-

(pretty sure I’ve seen that panel going round Tumblr as a meme when the MCU was at its height.) But let’s fast-forward! Sam goes out alone – well, alone apart from Redwing the bird – and runs into Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the cops are after Spidey and thus Sam incorrectly deducts that he’s a criminal.

Alas, before Sam can catch Spider-Man he has to stop to break up a mugging. Redwing is on the case, though, and tracks Spider-Man down to a particular apartment. But, as well we know perfectly well, Spider-Man isn’t the only person who lives there! Here’s our boy-

And now, the obvious misunderstanding takes place!

Harry is to put it mildly somewhat surprised at a spandex-clad man coming through his window, but he does try and put up a fight.

Poor Harry, this is not the first time he’s been grabbed and dragged away by someone with bigger muscles. And yep, he’s just as helpless this time too. Luckily, Peter overhears his screams.

Peter doesn’t put two and two together that this is a case of mistaken identity.

“Harry’s like a peanut next to him down there.” Peter says. Poor peanut.

Peter finally twigs what’s going on and gives Falcon a whack in the face-

Peter and Sam have a big fight, in which Peter manages to touch several nerves about Falcon’s reliance on Captain America –

-and Peter comes out the winner. Harry apparently stuck around to see the whole thing but decides to leave once Sam is knocked out.

Once Sam wakes up, he vows to find Spider-Man and beat him! But little does he know he’s being watched by the crime boss Stoneface, who is delighted Cap and Falcon have wandered off on separate missions!

We move onto #138 now, but Harry’s not in this one much. He’s a wee bit traumatized.

Despite his earlier “They can both brain each other for all I care!” Harry is actually grateful for Spider-Man saving him, it seems.

Come on Harry, put two and two together! But no-one ever does.

The rest of the story involves Sam, Cap and Spider-Man teaming up against Stoneface once they’ve worked out their misunderstandings! It’s a good read, and of course Peter has found a new ally in Sam by the end.

Hey, believe it or not, this isn’t the only comic where Sam and Harry have interacted! In one distant corner of the multiverse, they’re close!

Want to read these stories? They can be found in Captain America Epic Collection: Bucky Reborn.

One thought on “Captain America #137-138 (1971)

  1. Woah! Nice Harry participation 😊 hehe he was right when he said Spidey attract the problems to him xD

    In fact I think the poor is the most injured of Pete’s friends u-u

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