Today’s comics: Heroes Reborn #5

Well, so today ASM #67 dropped and revealed nothing new about Harry’s current circumstances alas, but another comic feat. Our Boy also dropped today and it’s very interesting!

This curious alternate universe is called Heroes Reborn #5, and I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. But the main character replacing Peter Parker here is a guy called Nighthawk, who is a Batman-type superhero with a day job as a politician and Sam Wilson/Falcon (yay SAM!!) is his sidekick. Sam and Harry and Gwen are all friends!

So Harry is an aide to Nighthawk aka Kyle Richmond, and he took an overdose and ended up seriously ill just like in the 616. Also, oh! New ship just dropped.

As someone who really likes Sam Wilson I am SO PLEASED to see a universe where he and my all-time-fave Harry are close enough to hold hands!

Also Norman gets dragged, as he should:

[gasp] Can it be? A version of Norman who is introspective but still evil?

And yup, then Norman kills Falcon in a redo of the famous Gwen-murder scene and it’s all very sad and I assume we won’t get to find out what happened after that?

Again, NO IDEA what’s going on, this particular Marvel universe appears to be a creation of Mephisto or something and I dunno if it even has a number designation, but it’s so nice to see Harry here!

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