Happy birthday, Harry Osborn

His birthday is today, the 13th of December!

I don’t know the thought process that goes into picking the birthdays of established comic characters but it’s interesting that Harry’s birthday is in December and his first ever appearance was in ASM #31 – 31 being 13 backwards, and the comic’s cover date was December. (Oh, and the comic was released in 1965 so I suppose that makes Harry technically about 57 years old now.)

If you’re into star signs, Harry’s December birthday makes him a Sagittarius! Sagittarians are apparently friendly, outgoing and expressive, and get on very well with Leos… And wouldn’t ya know it, Leo is Peter Parker’s star sign, since his birthday is usually given in adaptations as “somewhere early-mid August.”

We’ve seen two Harry birthday parties in the 616 Spider-Man comics, both of them written by Zeb Wells. One was in Amazing Spider-Man Extra #1 and it’s one of my favourite stories. The other was in Dark Web #1 and (despite being the comic that established Harry’s birthdate in the first place) it is… not.

Happy birthday Harry and all other December 13 babies! If you want a present, Sony released the Across the Spider-Verse trailer today.

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