Scott Porter isn’t voicing Harry anymore, as revealed in a deleted tweet

It probably goes without saying that Harry was my favourite part of the Spider-Man Playstation game. (Hey, you know what blog you’re on, right?) His voice actor Scott Porter did an excellent job. So I was super surprised when Porter dropped this tweet:

“While I voiced Harry in the first Spider-Man I unfortunately will not be in the sequel. They decided to go photo real and the difference between me and Harry’s ages was to much to overcome I believe. I was bummed but I get it. Gonna be an incredible game.”

The tweet’s been deleted now, possibly due to the fact that it’s technically a spoiler (although everyone guessed Harry would play a bigger role in the second game, it was never actually confirmed) or possibly because Porter figured stating his displeasure, no matter how mildly, wasn’t worth it.

I’m disappointed that he’s disappointed, to be honest, not least because voice actors have a tough time of it these days, especially in video games. And Yuri Lowenthal who plays Peter is also much older than his character, so that’s a rather odd reason for a recast.

But I’m still keen to play the game. I did absolutely love the first one. You can learn more about Harry’s part in it here!

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