Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer gives some hints to the plot

It’s here! Finally!

You ready? First of all we meet the villain of our story, Kraven, who’s hanging out in a big jungle. He kills a dude with a bad haircut who I’m not sure we know and then heads to New York for “the hunt.” Oooh! I’m Kraven more of this.

Six months later and it turns out his prey isn’t either of the Spider-Men, but Dr Curt Connors aka the Lizard! (I really like the Lizard’s crocodile-esque design here. Much better than a lizard running around in a lab coat or whatever the heck was going on in the ASM movies.) Unfortunately, in the middle of all this Peter seems to have gotten himself a shiny, black, very familiar suit and it’s making him act… a bit different…

“But what about Harry?!” I hear you ask. Well, at 7:45 on the video you’ll hear Peter say, “We can’t lose Connors. Harry’s dying and he’s the only one who can help.” So we can gather that Harry is now free of the green tube we left him in and has found his way back to Peter. Presumably, that’s where Peter has gotten his symbiote suit from, our favourite black sludge has hopped from one host to another. But what will happen to Harry from there? Is he going to die… or worse, turn into Venom forever?

We’ll have to wait until “Fall 2023” to find out! According to Tony Todd, who will be voicing Venom in the game, the exact release date will be sometime in September. Hopefully, enough time for me to buy a PS5.

Wanna actually play through the previous games before the new one comes out? Follow these links for Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales! This will NOT help me buy a PS5, but it will give me a commission fee so I can maintain this blog!

One thought on “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay trailer gives some hints to the plot

  1. Theory: The first teaser we saw with Miles ans Spiderman seeing Venom appering from the shadows it’s their first encounter. While they fight they made the symbiote abandon Harry’s body, but a part goes to Spider-Man without he notices cuz he’s too much worried and concerned seeing his friend hurt. So they took him to Osborn mansion to find answers. After Norman finally confesed the thruth about the disease of his son, Peter and Miles go after Connors to find a cure. But the eager and fear of Peter for the state of his friend makes him the symbiote to take the chance. So we see the chase in the port 😙

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