When Harry Osborn was Werewolf By Night

A few days ago it was announced there would be a Werewolf By Night Disney+ movie! A tie-in to the upcoming Moon Knight I’m guessing. But didya know there was a 2018 comic where Harry was (sort of) Werewolf By Night himself?

Goblin By Night, in fact!

This happened in Infinity Wars: Arachknight, which takes place in a “Warp World” or a sort of merged universe which came into being after Gamora messed with the Infinity Stones. There were a few comics set within the “Infinity Warps” but they don’t seem to have a universe designation number for whatever reason. Ah well! So in the Warp World in question here, Peter is “Arachknight,” a combination of Spider-Man and Moon Knight, and Harry is “Harry Russell” a combination of Harry Osborn and the original Werewolf By Night Jack Russell.

In this universe, it was a mysterious werewolf-goblin that killed Uncle Ben and Aunt May and forever altered the course of Peter’s life. Nope, not Harry! Norman. (No real point in spoiler-warning for that, is there.)

Peter grows up into Arachknight and we see him having a battle with Michael Morpheus (a combo of Spider-Man villain Morbius and Moon Knight villain Morpheus) which he wins. Then a man in a black Spider-Man mask shows up.

It’s Harry! And the first thing we learn about him in this ‘verse is, he’s the one who holds back Peter’s violent streak.

He also rocks a goatee.

Later on, we see Harry be as unfazed by Peter’s science shenanigans as he is with the vigilante ones.

Harry seems to be Peter’s, uh, “Alfred” in this. Or at least the person getting him where he needs to go.

On their way to the airport, Norman calls.

If you’re expecting nothing good will come of an interaction with Norman, you are of course right.

Now, we get a quick rundown of the Norman of this world! Once upon he was a cutthroat businessman (and bad father) just like his 616 counterpart, but then something happened to him.

“Now Norman’s one of the world’s most beloved philanthropists,” Peter muses. And he seems to have repaired his relationship with Harry to some degree as well.

Harry thinks Norman has changed. But how right is he? Maybe not very, if that ominous screech is anything to go by.

Here’s Norman, the Goblin By Night! We haven’t seen his human face yet, just the monster one. But where’s Harry? (BTW, the “all four of us” there refers to Arachknight’s four personalities.)

As Peter chases the Goblin, Harry pursues in the car, screaming for Peter to stop.

He chases them into a park and crashes into a tree. Peter catches up with Norman and begins beating him to a pulp, but before he can deliver the killer blow-

Harry shows up to save his father’s life. We also get a reminder of how his loyalties are torn here the way they always are, between the best friend he loves and his father.

The last page of this comic shows Harry caring for Norman and walking away with him as he slowly turns more human, less monster…

…and now we go into the second issue of this series. (There were only two.)

Peter is a mess after discovering his best friend’s father is the monster that killed his aunt and uncle.

He gets a look at the restraints used to hold Norman, all the while unable to decide if Harry is a friend or a traitor.

While Peter goes out on the hunt, Harry takes Norman to a hidden room at Peter’s Parker Industries office.

Harry muses that he’s been getting rid of Peter’s more dangerous experiments in this secret room, including the “unnecessarily lethal” ones. Arachknight is a very different entity to the Spider-Man we know.

“Pete had this idea in college that I could be his teched-out sidekick,” Harry says, holding the Goblin Glider. Well, that idea has actually happened in a few pieces of Spider-Man media!

I’d be so interested to see the backstory here of Peter and Harry trying to make it as a superhero/non-powered-sidekick team.

Harry gets to work fixing Norman’s wounds (ah, there’s Norman’s human face) but unfortunately…

Norman’s Goblin form takes over, and he takes a bite out of his son.

Poor Harry, his dad messes him up one way or another no matter what continuity he’s in.

This panel is reminiscent of Harry’s many other death scenes… but don’t worry, he’s not dead, for once!

We now flashback to young, neglected Harry playing video games alone at night:

That was when he encountered Norman’s transformation for the first time, and found himself with the responsibility of taking care of him.

…which is, ur, quite a big responsibility to lay on a school-age child?

Peter is going about his business when the Goblin attacks again. You might suspect this one is actually Harry, but nope, it actually is Norman.

Once again, Harry arrives just in time to stop Peter from killing his dad.

Remember how Harry said he “kept getting hurt” trying to use the Goblin Glider? He definitely can’t fly it, but he gets points for trying.

Harry attempts to talk Peter down.

Or perhaps in other words, “With great power…” (I’ll let you finish that one yourself.)

Peter opts not to kill Norman, because of course he wouldn’t, but unfortunately Harry is doubled over in pain that’s not just emotional.

Peter apologizes, which is very sweet, but the Goblin By Night has taken over Harry.

And granted him the ability to use the glider!

Norman is now human, the curse having passed to Harry, and Peter’s change of heart is complete.

And unfortunately that’s the end! We never get the story of how Peter and Norman cured Harry, which is a shame because I’d love to have seen it. Peter’s little speech here is nice though, and although I hate to bring up the Kindred Saga again there’s a nice accidental parallel there to Harry’s words to Mephisto in ASM #74.

All in all this is a nice Harry story that highlights his good qualities and friendship with Peter really well.

2 thoughts on “When Harry Osborn was Werewolf By Night

  1. Goblin By Night…um…interesting character design. Harry seems to be the second most famous goblin and has one of the most interesting hero-villain relationship in comics, but the 616 Harry never get many chances to do his Goblin things before or after OMD, and now he is dead again. He has perfect reason to be hero or villain or Ani-hero. But writers always let he stuck in a civilian character and let other characters to become new goblins. Even when there is a whole nation of goblins, Harry Osborn, the Goblin Prince can’t play a role in it. I’m still upset by the fact that Phil Urich is the first heroic Green Goblin. Though the young Urich’s superhero career didn’t go well, at least the writers let he do ten times more goblin things than Harry. Harry himself may like his civilian life better but for comic books it’s a huge waste.

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