Amazing Spider-Man #74: A reprehensible mess

So – spoilers ahead-

Let’s get the big thing out of the way first. Post-BND Harry was a clone, as far as we know, and now he’s dead. (See below.) The who, wheres and whys of that, Spencer has not divulged. Post-BND Harry says he’s a clone but we see no real evidence of that beyond his corpse, which still has the Osborn trademark hair on it despite having been rotting for years. Plus this is a story where the Devil and Hell is involved with souls so I suppose Clone-Harry could’ve always had part of Dead-Harry’s soul all along. That sound convoluted? Well, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Everyone in this story seems to be able to teleport, for a start. Stanley Osborn, in addition to having been whitewashed for years now, apparently no longer exists since he’s nowhere to be seen. Liz gets no lines. Oh this story is so bad. But here’s the really morally terrible part:

Harry dies saving Norman. NORMAN. The abusive Gwen-murdering fascist who sold him to the devil. Why? Harry is right to hate him, Norman stole his childhood and his life. And honestly, it’s a complete slap in the face to abuse survivors. Hey kids, you know what you should do with an abusive parent? You should LOVE them enough to DIE for them because maybe DEEP DOWN they “really do love you”! Ugh.

Meanwhile, Kindred was never the real Harry. Well, good. That’s one thing I’m glad about anyway. I remember at the beginning of all this I said I can stand losing pre-BND Harry or I can stand losing post-BND Harry, not both, and well I suppose I should count my blessings that I only lost one. So yeah. All this time Harry’s soul has been kept in Hell by Mephisto while (the) Kindred(s) was, ur, SOME combination of Sarah/Gabriel/Mephisto and that one evil A.I. of Harry. It makes no sense but what the hell, I’ll take it.

Also Peter’s love for Harry hasn’t gone anywhere which I’m very glad about at least. He’s mourning his friend intensely in the preview for ASM #75.

So that’s something, at least. But as a Harry fan I have hated every second of this run. I always will hate it. I’m glad Harry’s status as a generally good person remained eventually intact and his soul is freed from the devil now at least, but everything else, oh god. All that post-BND character development, pointlessly removed.

To think, all throughout this stupid Kindred arc Harry was in hell watching everything play out while being endlessly tormented. I know how he feels.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Spider-Man #74: A reprehensible mess

  1. I think Harry’s BND is real. There is a scene where he sees demons with Osborn’s hair. It was during the battle with the Kindred. Returning to issue 72, Mephisto talks about Harry’s soul, and we are shown his entire life, below is a moment from BND. Nobody can convince me, he is real.

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    1. Yeah that’s a very good point actually! We do. Honestly at this point I’m beginning to think there’s no actual answer to the “real or not” question, so I choose to believe post-BND Harry was always “real” in whatever way you want to define it.


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