Unpicking Amazing Spider-Man #73



…………Ah sorry, you were expecting there to be an article here? There is not. There’s no point trying to unpick ASM #73 because it makes no sense, even by the usual standards of comics. It literally reads like someone hastily threw the art together without the script being finalized or anything to hand except “fix Sins Past.” I can’t work out who’s supposed to be Norman and who’s supposed to be Harry in some panels. I can’t tell what human Harry is supposed to have done versus what computer Harry and Kindred Harry are supposed to have done, and I can’t tell what the twins are supposed to be either. I also note that this issue doesn’t actually fix one of the biggest problems people had with Sins Past, yeah Gwen never slept with Norman anymore but MJ still thought she did and she still didn’t tell Peter!

Yeah… let’s… leave this one for now, or possibly for a long time. I think the villain of this story isn’t actually the devil, just old Nick.

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