Harry Highlights #2

So before we go any further, this blog is 100% NOT supportive of James Franco in ANY WAY, yeah? Obviously he was the first actor to play Harry in live-action but it transpired he was also a sexual predator and now he’s been rightly metoo’d out of the film industry. So while this very good piece of 2007-era art is technically of James Franco, we’re all going to pretend it’s just of Harry, got it?

This is by clefchan on deviantart. (Remember deviantart? It still exists and you can find some absolute gems there.) It’s titled “Goodbye my friend” and I love it. Obviously it’s a take on Harry’s Spider-Man 3 death scene. Maybe it’s him looking back at Peter and MJ before crossing to the other side?

But I think the thing I love most about this is that it shows Harry as being disfigured and heroic, which is not the sort of thing you see in fanart (or any art) very often. More on that later one day!

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